Become a REgular

Don’t you love it when you walk into a restaurant and the staff knows you by name? Or even better, when they remember your “go to” order?

Become a regular at Future Chefs! You can commit to our monthly Sustainer Program today and just like the staff at your favorite diner, we’ll recognize you as a part of our community.

Your monthly contribution will significantly impact participant learning experiences, growth opportunities, and professional potential.

Giving Levels

Where your Dollars Go

Provides groceries for one participant’s hands-on kitchen training.


Funds Mock Interview Training for an entire class, in which participants practice their professional skills and receive feedback from real employers.


Sends an entire class on two field trips to meet partner chefs in their restaurants.


Provides a start-up kit for an Apprentice including Kitchen Shoes, Head Gear and Knife Bag.

Giving Levels