Become a REgular

Don’t you love it when you walk into a restaurant and the staff knows you by name? Or even better, when they remember your “go to” order?

Become a regular at Future Chefs! You can commit to our monthly Sustainer Program today and just like the staff at your favorite diner, we’ll recognize you as a part of our community.

Your monthly contribution will significantly impact participant learning experiences, growth opportunities, and professional potential.

Giving Levels

Where your Dollars Go

Puts groceries in the hands of FC Prepares students to practice chopping, prepping and cooking.

Gives five graduating seniors a knife set so they can start working with confidence and their tools of the trade.

Coaches one student in creating a realistic plan for after high school to enter college, a culinary program, or quality employment.

Funds after-school jobs in the FC Kitchen for four weeks where our teens are earning and learning

Giving Levels