Fc Delivers

This two year paid work program begins when students complete the FC Prepares program and their sophomore year of high school. During their junior year in this program they continue to prepare for a culinary career through social/emotional learning and engagement with parents and guardians. Students continue employment with the support of Future Chefs staff throughout the summer as a participant in this program.  



Who it’s for

For high school juniors and seniors who have completed FC Prepares.


What it involves

- Students take part in individual skills-based competitions.

- Participants refine culinary proficiency and understanding of kitchen safety, sanitation, knife cuts, and cooking techniques. 

- Personal growth is highlighted in a series of social/emotional learning and well-being workshops held during a student's junior year.

- Participate in resume development, interview coaching and financial literacy training in senior year.

- Industry-related field trips and chef demonstrations in the teaching kitchen and at restaurants.

- Participants create a dish for a Pop-Up tasting restaurant.

- Students develop a plan for work and life after high school in collaboration with our Post-Secondary Specialist and student's guardian.



What is expected

Students in FC Delivers are committed to a two year program that is designed to deepen their culinary and job readiness skills. They enter into FC Sustains if they:

- Attend 80% of classes.

- Act in a leadership role in FC Prepares classes.

- Participate in community events.

- Create a post-secondary plan.