become a future chef

As a student in Future Chefs, you’ll start sophomore year in high school in our FC Prepares program. Here you'll explore culinary careers by attending a short-term after-school program for six weeks. In FC Delivers, you'll sharpen your technical skills, build soft skills, and begin paid work after your junior year of high school. By the time you enter FC Sustains, you'll be putting your plan for after high school into action as the Future Chefs staff guides you during the transition to life and work. 

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Who is a Future Chefs candidate? 

A Future Chefs candidate is: 

— Interested in culinary arts and sees it as a potential career path
— Engaged by hands-on learning and being physically active on the job
— In need of support developing a plan after high school
— Energetic and interested in trying new things


What happens after the program?

Following the FC Prepares and FC Delivers program, you’ll move into the Future Chefs Sustains program during your transition into work, school, and additional training with the help of our Future Chefs staff. This can include gaining valuable experience through our Apprenticeship Program. Following the successful completion of this phase, you become a part of the Future Chefs Alumuni Network, where your hard work and motivation to succeed is realized as you pursue your first professional job and become a peer leader to younger Future Chefs.


Am I eligible to apply?

In the Future Chefs Prepares program, we offer after-school programming beginning in sophomore year of high school and accept students in the Greater Boston area. You must be currently enrolled in high school or actively engaged in a GED program.