Our programs rely on the close engagement of a vibrant network of alumni. Our alumni work with current students to provide education, coaching, and leadership opportunities within the culinary industry.

Future Chefs alumni have inspiring stories. Many of them give back to the program by volunteering at local events and becoming peer leaders for the incoming cohort of young Future Chefs. Meet the alumni that inspire us everyday.




“You do not have to just look at cooking as your only career. Make your own path, find your own industry, and do it all.And never stop learning! Education is important, even if it’s outside your career choice, it helps you in so many ways.”



“Future Chefs opens up so many doors because Toni and her team have the connections that can land you an amazing job. They help you build your own connections that push you further in your career, which is why I recommend Future Chefs to young people.”



“We're all succeeding – and the support I've received from Future Chefs is immense. It’s not every day that you find people that really care. I always felt welcome.” 



“Future Chefs gave me the extra push I needed and helped me every step of the way and they never gave up on me. I have achieved so many of my goals and it is all because of the inspiration they gave me.” 



“I think the most rewarding thing as an Alumni is seeing the trust youth give you. I teach them that it’s important to come in on time, and how to deal with conflicts. As these challenges happen, the students are able to handle it. I was in their shoes, and I want them looking forward.”



“At Future Chefs, I was constantly learning how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable and, ultimately, this empowered me. This program unlocked my inner confidence.”



“You can come from humble beginnings and still be able to work in a kitchen with or without going to college.”

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