The Future Chefs Model

Future Chefs believes that every young person is capable of reaching his or her fullest potential if given the opportunity to excel.

We use the culinary arts as a tool to teach high school students what they’ll need to succeed professionally and personally. Our robust, multi-stage, program offers a unique yet consistent platform that we use to prepare and coach teens to meet the demands and expectations of adult employment in any field.

Our caring staff recognizes that each student will flourish in a setting based on three simple core values:

— High Expectations
— Opportunities for Growth
— Positive Interactions with Adults


In this setting, we connect hands-on learners, many of whom lack a plan for after high school, with authentic work that builds mastery and craftsmanship. The three-phase school-to-career engagement relies on a systemic collaboration with food service employers, social service agencies, and educators to provide project-based learning, preparatory and work-based experiences, youth development, leadership opportunities, and referral services. 


“We’ve found a connection between students coming to Future Chefs and academic success. After teens come here and gain some confidence and find their voice in the group, that confidence tends to carry over into school and often leads to them having conversations with their guidance counselors. We often see a shift, and counselors let us know that their academic performance has improved. They’re once again excited about learning.”

-Chris Titus, Youth Development Specialist