This program is designed to support students for the two years after they graduate high school and complete the FC Delivers program. Students receive guidance and support from Future Chefs staff as they begin implementing their plan after high school in our Apprenticeship program, at an accredited college, university, certificate program,or other high quality culinary position. Participants who complete the program can expect to work full time, earn above the minimum wage, have opportunities for career advancement, and be eligible for benefits through their employer. 

FC Sustains participants serve as peer leaders and volunteers at community and program events. Students exit FC Sustains after two years of support and are Future Chefs Alumni, often becoming the high quality employers for the next generation of students. 


Apprenticeship Program

These young professionals work in six-month paid apprenticeships at renowned Boston restaurants. They meet regularly with Future Chefs staff and are mentored at their respective restaurants by on-site supervisors who oversee their progress. Additionally, apprentices can stay connected to Future Chefs through monthly life-skills workshops and by serving as peer leaders and volunteers at community programs and events.


Who it’s for

Students who have completed high school and FC Delivers.


What it involves

After completing high school and FC Delivers, the Apprenticeship provides an opportunity for graduates who show a strong interest in the culinary/restaurant industry to more deeply explore this field before investing time and money into culinary school. The program is a pathway to a viable career in a thriving industry and supports participants with intentional placements for upward career movement during the critical transition period to adult life.


What is expected

An Industry Advisory Council, in conjunction with Future Chefs, developed a list of 10 goals that each apprentice must meet to complete the program; progress toward these goals is measured by staff and the supervisor. Future Chefs provides the soft skills/educational component in-house through workshops that are tailored to the needs of the apprentices.

“I’ve been in the apprentice program about three or four months. Generally, there’s not a limit to the things I can learn, because every time I walk in here I’m learning something new to better myself or better my skills. There’s always a new challenge every time I walk in.”



Apprenticeship sites



Future Chefs staff provides guidance for those seniors interested in pursuing a community or college track after high school. Students are eligible to apply for a Future Chefs scholarship with the following schools:

Bunker Hill Community College
Cambridge School of Culinary Arts
New England Culinary Institute
Southern New Hampshire University
Boston University