This short-term program is for high school sophomores who want to explore the skills needed and careers available in the culinary industry. It is a comprehensive, pre-professional learning opportunity for students interested in culinary arts. Future Chefs staff and culinary experts lead a once-weekly after school cooking class for six weeks. Students who enjoy this challenging environment are encouraged to continue their engagement with Future Chefs throughout the year and return as juniors for FC Delivers.    



who it’s for

High school sophomores interested in exploring culinary careers.


What it involves

— Students meet once a week for six weeks after school.

— The focus is on learning the hard skills of basic kitchen safety and sanitation, and the soft skills of communication and self-reflection.

— Professional development opportunities are available to students through networking at local culinary events.


What is expected

Students in this challenging environment are encouraged to continue their engagement with Future Chefs and are eligible to move on to FC Delivers if they:

— Attend 90% or more of the after-school sessions.

— Participate in the skills-based project.



“My first year in Future Chefs can only be described as rewarding. When I started Future Chefs, I was unsure of myself and my cooking ability. But Loni pushed me and taught me and she still does. It was difficult at first; I always wondered who was looking at me, if I was doing okay, or if my knife cuts were as good as everyone else’s. Future Chefs gave me exciting opportunities that have helped me become more involved and more passionate in the culinary arts.”


—Chrissy, FC Prepares student






“If I had to describe my experience at Future Chefs I think the word best suited for it is 'eye-opening.' Future Chefs was the open door that introduced me to a new world of people, challenges, experiences, and obstacles that ultimately made me a much greater person.”


—Will, FC Prepares student