FUTURE CHEFS Empowers youth

With strong ties to Boston and the surrounding communities, we offer pre-professional chef’s training, expert mentorship, and paid apprenticeship opportunities.

While our passion is cooking, we encourage our future chefs to dream big and consider a broad range of academic and professional careers. Our conviction is that the hard and soft skills learned in the kitchen can be applied meaningfully in all avenues of a fulfilling life.



Future Chefs offers three distinct programs: during high school, during the summer, and after graduation.(Future Chefs Delivers is in flux)

Each program includes comprehensive professional and personal training; mentorship from industry experts; and encouragement to dream big and consider a broad range of professional culinary careers.


After-school classes for high school students led by culinary experts and mentors. Includes workshops, individual coaching, industry events, and chef demonstrations. Comprises two distinct modules and cultivates professional skills, financial literacy, and personal well-being.

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A short-term paid position for young people. Participants prepare and cater meals for local non-profit organizations, cultivating their culinary skills. Focuses on professional culinary proficiency and personal development.

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For students who have completed the Culinary Pathways program. They receive individual support through regular meetings with FC staff as they prepare for life after high school. Some students in this phase are participating in the Apprenticeship Program while others benefit from our scholarships.

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Alumni Profile: Suellen sarmento


“The first thing I learned was not the cooking aspect but how not to burn bridges and how to stay professional. For me, Future Chefs has been a huge source of support as I’ve grown professionally.”

—Suellen Sarmento