a steadily unfolding path

By Aquila Kentish

Life is a journey on which we must continuously reflect and learn in order to grow. When I was a sophomore at Madison Park, Toni Elka invited me to help pitch her idea for building Future Chefs.  - She said, “I’m going to teach you how to schmooze.”  - And the next thing I knew I was at an event surrounded by successful people doing big things. I touched, saw, felt, and tasted the possibilities. I looked around and knew I could do big things, too.

This sticks with me because in that moment I saw doors that opened beyond Roxbury where I grew up. Future Chefs exposed me to options and environments that I never would have experienced otherwise. Future Chefs gave me a scholarship to pursue a bachelor’s degree in New Hampshire and gave me a professional network that led to my current position as the Sous Chef - General Manager of Jamaica Mi Hungry Food Truck and Catering.

Future Chefs helped guide me on a path that is steadily unfolding. I am now and will forever be thankful for that. Join me in supporting youth, like me, who are searching for an opportunity to cook up a brighter future! Your gift will allow them to see, taste, feel, touch, and explore life beyond their little neighborhoods. Be a part of our community and our stories.

Aquila Kentish

Future Chefs Alumni  

P.S.: I hope to see you enjoying some of Jamaica Mi Hungry’s signature Jerk Chicken soon.