Getting a head start in the culinary field

A Story About Robert Giunta

Robert Giunta always knew he wanted to be a chef, from the time he was young. His parents often found him next to them in the kitchen, cooking the family’s dinner. 

As a 16-year-old high student in Everett, MA, he had already begun thinking about his first job. He knew he wanted to work with food, but wasn’t sure how to turn it into a career. Recognizing Robert’s passion for cooking, his culinary teachers at school suggested he go to Future Chefs to learn more about the organization. Finding something completely separate from school sparked Robert’s interest, but more importantly, he was intrigued by the idea that there was a place that could help him become a chef.

Taking a step back and learning the basics was where Robert started at Future Chefs. But he knew that it was important to getting a head start in the culinary field. Future Chefs industry-connected staff helped him plan for opportunities to learn and earn beyond what a high school cooking class could provide. Those years gave Robert the confidence he needed to think about working in high-end Boston restaurants. 

Future Chefs recommended him for a garde manager position at the Harvest in Cambridge. The sous chef, a successful program alum, mentored Rob as he made the jump from recent high school grad to valued member of a skilled team. He has steadily advanced to line and grill cook and is mastering the career-level skills needed to go as far as his dreams can take him.

“You can come from humble beginnings and still be able to work in a kitchen with or without going to college.” Robert’s belief is that options for a career go beyond traditional academics - while it may include a college education, it’s organizations like Future Chefs that help find the right pathway for every young person.

Robert says that he would recommend Future Chefs to other young students because it was what helped him figure out exactly how he wanted to proceed with life after high school, and get a job. “I don’t think I would be cooking if it weren’t for Future Chefs. Future Chefs was a big part of helping me get into a kitchen.”